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For Caregivers

For Caregivers

Find the latest information on products and accessories used by professional or family caregivers to include reviews on essential products you’ve been looking for you or your client.  You will also find helpful information on key topics that include: how to choose and use a product, where to purchase the products and reference material to help you manage your role as a caregiver.

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Top 5 Best Looped Gait Belts 2019
22 Jun: Top 5 Best Looped Gait Belts 2019

Gait belts are great tools for both the caregiver and the patient in providing stability and a reduction of fall risk for those with mobility issues. We review the best of the looped gait belts to help you make the best purchasing decision for your loved one.

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Protecting seniors
14 Nov: When is a Caregiver Needed?

When is a caregiver needed? Do you know when is a caregiver needed?  Answer these questions and see if you think it is time to consider a caregiver: my loved one has been needing more general assistance…

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