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Welcome to Hall of Care!  You are in the right place if you’re looking for products and services for the disabled, impaired, bariatric and elderly that make common tasks and daily life a little easier. Now let’s learn more about us.

About Us

I work as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) where I provide care to a variety of clients that suffer from physical and mental impairments.  As part of my work I observe the abilities and limitations of each client and discuss with families products or services that might help their loved one increase their functionality and level of independence. I have personally witnessed the increase of satisfaction, confidence and growing independence in my clients simply by equipping them with the right product, adaptive device or tool.

One of my clients just happens to be my wife of 34 years. A couple of years ago my wife could no longer work due to the growing severity of Lipedema and Lymphedema in the lower half of her body. The sheer volume of Lipedema fat and lymph fluid in her lower body nearly made her bedridden. Severe osteoarthritis in both knees limited her mobility to just moving around from room to room in our home. Being the stubborn and determined woman she is, we researched products and services that could help her function and even thrive with this condition.  We want to be able to share all that research with others that face varying levels of disabilities and impairments!

Why the Butterfly?

I watched both my wife and one of our good friends essentially fall apart with separate medical conditions.  It became a dark, lonely, frustrating, debilitating and difficult place to live, if you could call it that.  They both lost nearly all their mobility, becoming mostly bedridden.  Caregivers had to provide essential care for the small amount of time they could afford to have them.  Daily activities were significantly reduced to what you could accomplish from bed or sitting on a stool. Both of them decided to take a vitamin and mineral regimen, do bed exercises, adopt daily prayer and Reiki schedules, buy supporting canes and with the help of family and caregivers slowly try to return to the land of living.

HoC Butterfly logoOur family friend went from a diagnosis of not being able to walk again to biking, swimming, walking with one cane and actually returning to the workforce part-time after five grueling years of recovery.  The condition isn’t gone but it is being well managed.  She is adapting to life for someone with Ehlers-Danlose Syndrome (EDS) and a few other conditions that almost took her life five years ago.

My wife is recovering to the point of limited mobility with two canes and can do some daily tasks now with the help of product aides (found on this website).  Severe lipedema and lymphedema are very painful conditions and will never go away, but she is learning to adapt to a new life doing what she can for herself and others with the help of adaptive tools.  She also has Celiac disease, which has actually been a blessing for her as she eats better today (and so do the rest of us by proxy) thus reducing much of the inflammation in her body.

These two women are fighters, determined not to let these conditions define them.  They are like two caterpillars that went into a chrysalis a few years ago and are re-emerging as beautiful butterflies, ready to take back the world in a new light.  The transformation has been astounding and they are continuing their upward climb. We are very proud of them and want to help others become their beautiful butterfly by offering tools and aids to help you regain your independence too!

We Care To Share

About UsIt can be difficult and daunting when faced with a life altering disability or impairment. Most of us would welcome a product, adaptive device or tool that could make life a little easier and give us back some level of independence.

We here at Hall of Care are committed to searching the marketplace for products and services that are beneficial and safe to use in everyday life. We also welcome any comments or suggestions on products you feel we should consider adding to the site that people have found helpful in their lives.

Contact Us

We also welcome all suggestions, comments and questions.  The best way to reach us is through email at info@hallofcare.com .

We hope you enjoy the site and find a product(s) or service that can make your life a little easier.

To your improved health…

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